~About Quilty Finds~

Quilty Finds is where I post Free Quilt Patterns or Tutorial links.
Plus you'll find 'My Fave' Free Quilt Patterns in dozens of Quilt Categories!

My name is Benita Skinner, and I offer my original quilt patterns through my Victoriana Quilt Designs site.
Those who've known me for any length of time, know I love to visit other quilty sites and then share the best free quilt patterns & tutorials I find - with you.
I've done this for the 19 years I've shared my own quilt patterns online, recently using my Facebook page as a place to post them - but that was limiting.
I spent months researching and creating this site - and am so very proud to share it!

You can keep up-to-date by receiving a list of the most recent quilty finds, along with any Victoriana Quilt Design news through my newsletter here.



Q: Why do I have to visit the web page. Couldn't you just link to the free pattern file?

A: If I give the direct link to the pdf free pattern file, that doesn't help the site, that's nice enough to offer the free quilt pattern, because it would deprive them of your visit to their site.
It's bad netiquette to give the direct link to the pdf of a pattern, when you're not the site that created it.
The site that did all the work to offer the pattern would appreciate your visit to their site, for their effort.
When the direct pdf link is given, you likely never visit the original site!

Be sure to thank any site you receive a free pattern from. Let them know you appreciate them!

The images are copyrighted by the site it links to.



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